ENTEC participated in the 9th JASTIP-WP2 Annual Workshop Highlights Progress in Sustainable Energy Research

On January 26, 2024, at SD202, 2nd floor, multi-purpose building (Building No. 12), TSP, NSTDA


ENTEC’s researchers, namely Dr. Vituruch Goodwin, Dr. Priew Eiamlamai and Dr. Ukrit Sahapatsombut, along with Mr. Thanathon Sesuk, who played a crucial role as a keynote speaker at the 9th JASTIP-WP2 Annual Workshop on behalf of Dr. Sumittra Charojrochkul, Executive Director. The workshop is hosted by the Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology, and Innovation Platform (JASTIP) Work Package 2 (WP2). This event served as a convergence point for researchers, scientists, and experts, facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge developments and the cultivation of collaboration within the realm of sustainable energy research. Additionally, the workshop featured a myriad of projects spanning diverse initiatives aimed at tackling energy-related challenges and advocating for environmental sustainability.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address from Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki from Kyoto University, who proceeded to provide an overview of the WP2 activities, underscoring the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing sustainable energy solutions. Subsequently, Mr. Thanathon Sesuk and Plathong Peerada (Takeshi Abe) from Kyoto University presented cutting-edge research in energy storage technologies, under the topic of “Development of Carbon Materials from Biomass for Energy Storage Applications,”. Throughout the workshop, several sessions were conducted, including a dynamic discussion session where participants shared their thoughts and insights. Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki outlined the activity plan for 2024, highlighting the ongoing commitment to collaborative research in sustainable energy. Finally, Prof. Takashi Sagawa provided a comprehensive summary and closing remarks, expressing gratitude for the valuable contributions, and expressing anticipation for continued collaboration in the future.


Hence, the 9th JASTIP-WP2 Annual Workshop not only highlighted the noteworthy strides achieved in sustainable energy research but also emphasized the crucial role of international collaboration in tackling global energy challenges. Serving as a robust platform for knowledge exchange, the event laid the groundwork for upcoming initiatives geared towards fostering a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

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