ENTEC and ASEAN Centre for Energy co-host “The 7th ASEAN Energy Outlook (AEO7) and Study on Attracting Investments for ASEAN Low-Carbon Energy Dissemination”

8 June 2023
Thailand Science Park, Pathum Thani

ENTEC Assistant Executive Director Dr. Lily Eurwilaichitr and Director of Low Carbon Energy Research Group Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop welcomed the delegation from ASEAN Centre for Energy – Manager of Energy Modelling and Policy Planning Dr. Zulfikar Yurnaidi, along with Ms. Rika Safrina and Ms. Amira Bilqis – and co-hosted a workshop “The 7th ASEAN Energy Outlook (AEO7) and Study on Attracting Investments for ASEAN Low-Carbon Energy Dissemination”.

Following the opening remarks, ENTEC researcher Dr. Kampanart Silva from Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Research Team (RENT) shared an overview of Thailand’s current energy situation, relevant policies (including ‘BCG Economy’, the updated Nationally Determined Contribution (2022) and Thailand’s Long-Term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy) as well as the country’s recent energy-related movements (such as the Policy Directions for National Energy Plan and foundations of ‘Smart Grid Thailand’ and ‘Thai Renewable Energy Association – RE100 Thailand’).

The highlight of the workshop featured the presentations by Dr. Zulfikar Yurnaidi and Ms. Rika Safrina disseminating findings and policy recommendations from “The 7th ASEAN Energy Outlook 2020-2050” (AEO7). The findings addressed various topics including outlook on ASEAN energy demand, changes and shifts in ASEAN energy supply, import reliance and energy security, power investment, progress and projection of energy efficiency and renewable energy targets, emissions and land use related to biofuels, and green job creation. As a continuation from AEO7 policy recommendations for ASEAN, Ms. Rika Safrina also shared results from the study on investments and measures for clean energy and power sector resilience in ASEAN, covering aspects such as current financial resources for energy transition, suggested investment priorities and attraction roadmap, and investment status within the Member States. All parties actively participated in the discussion.

On this occasion, Dr. Zulfikar Yurnaidi  presented ENTEC with a complimentary copy of “The 7th ASEAN Energy Outlook 2020-2050” in which contribution of the team from ENTEC – Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop, Dr. Kampanart Silva and Dr. Peerawat Saisirirat – on the chapter “Enhancing dispatchability of renewable energy” has been published.

The recorded version of the workshop is available via ENTEC’s Facebook Page “National Energy Technology Center – ENTEC” at https://www.facebook.com/100077286798371/videos/661890222469387.

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