The cooperation on the research and development of high-performance lithium-ion battery technology



Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC) plans to invest in lithiumion batteries in Thailand to strengthen the competitiveness and create the stability of the countrys electrical and energy system. The company, therefore, has signed an MOU with 24M Technologies Inc. and MTEC in the research and development of highperformance lithiumion battery technology. The goal of this undertaking is to support the market growth of energy storage systems that will help promote the stability of transmission systems and electricity generation from renewable energy.


The research team conducts a feasibility study and facilitates personnel’s readiness preparation for the research and development of lithium-ion batteries with Semi-Solid technology.

What does the research team do?

The research team has studied the technical and marketing feasibility of energy storage systems, been a consultant on energy storage technology, developed lithium-ion battery system, given advice and provided training on lithium-ion battery knowledge and energy storage system to the company’s employees.a

Research qualification

Lithium-ion batteries produced with Semi-Solid technology are highly safe because of the design of battery cells and the careful control of the manufacturing process. It has readily recyclable structures and materials, and the manufacturing process is a process-based technology, which can be further developed by modifying materials and designs.

Research status

The company has built a battery prototype factory with Semi-Solid technology since 2019, and is expected to be up and running in 2021.


The research team plans to research and develop materials for cells in energy storage systems and energy storage technology for various uses, as well as being a consultant for interested private sectors.

Research team

Dr. Pimpa Limthongkul, Principal Researcher
Dr. Jiravan Mongkoltanatas, Research


Dr. Pimpa Limthongkul, Principal Researcher of Energy Innovation Research Group (EIRG), National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC)
Tel: 02 564 6500 ext. 4241

Note: This project is currently under the National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC)