No.PS.No.ProjectsValue (million baht)
1P1750176Implementation of higher blend of biodiesel8516.03
2P1550752/P1301012Carbon material for Li-ion battery and supercapacitor1467
3P1651122Greenhouse gases reduction in palm oil factory1213.16
4P1652167Quality development of concentrated natural rubber latex safe from chemicals and allergens770.43
5P1350045National life cycle inventory database for sustainable development638.66
6P1300449Effect of fuel component on diesel engin567.14
7P1551234Development of work instruction for failure analysis of on-shore gas pipelines535.67
83000066Analysis of weld strength of steam turbine rotor512.45
9P1650028Evaluation of product defects/imperfections/contaminants and technical consulting service340.46
10P1650654Effects of sintering atmosphere on properties of ST-Nut336.37
11P1450793Failure analysis of hydrogen reformer outlet pigtail tubes278.46
12P1752685Failure analysis of pipeline used for transport hydrogen gas277.2
13P1951205Study of anchor alignment on kiln outlet area246.4
14P1350438 / P1450274Innovative and sustainable packaging for Thai fresh produce industry: Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere (EMA-3) film for pre-cut vegetables in retail packaging for supermarket228
15P1202199Failure evaluation of broken blade of cooling fan209.47
16P0030209FAME Oxidation I172.5
17P1651199FA of component using in petrochemical plant164.44
18P1550800Study of flow behavior of high-density polyethylene in extrusion blow molding138.04
19P1202308Diesel engine parts for B10137.85
20P1851667Investigation of the effect of a welding operation to the structural integrity of cryogenic tanks125.25
213000090(301058)Defining and improving rubber product standards (rubber gloves)120.54
22P0900130Study of flow behavior of high-density polyethylene compounds in an annular die100.78
23P1651850Technology transfer for the manufacturing of cable spacer and snap tie94.39
24P1551215Training on materials technology92.45
25P1752705Prototype of mattress for a bedridden person91.85
263000066Analysis of pipe strength in power plants86.4
27P1300278Nozzle gun for spraying sulfuric acid84.3
28P1450605A study of automatic systems to improve efficiency of lubricant manufacturing process82.8
29P1451045Development and improvement of grate in boiler combustion chamber 81.64
30P0900391/P1350232Technology transfer of rubber-recovering technology for natural rubber latex sludge79.67
313000090(301058)Defining and improving rubber product standards 73.58
32P1851563Failure evaluation of components using in the refinery plant67.2
33P1010925Efficiency evaluation of water-repellent coating for hydration inhibition of magnesia brick63.84
34P1752826Investigation of structural integrity of a piping system under thermal stress loading63.7
35P1201551Carbon footprint and water footprint assessment of bioplastic production from cassava63
36P1010209Development of localized antibiotic released beads for bone and joint infection treatment 49.94
37P1850299An Investigation of Cation Conductivity of Boiler Feedwater and Steam 46.46
38P1100526Multi-center clinical trial of silicone34.86
39P1551121The consequential life cycle assessment: a case study of cassava based bioplastic (Polylactic Acid: PLA)34.3
40P1202177The development of cement with low energy production and low carbon dioxide emission32.85
41P1751244Mercury identification and chemical cleaning in decommissioned pipeline (phase IV – pilot scale)32.09
42P1551665/P1950875/P1750974Research and development of battery pack and battery charger30.45
43P1851079Corrosion depth prediction for the on-shore gas pipeline by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)30
44P1650543Life cycle environmental of plastic lenses28.35
45P1450604Green OTOP27.03
46P0900281Acetylene carbon black for ESD compound25.2
47P1100357Study and development of Acetylene black production system prototype19.13
48P1650471Assembly and testing of electrolytes 18.09
49P1852158Assembly of stack cell17.8
50P1350325Properties of geopolymer from red clay17.55
51P1750171Valure Creation Engineering12.8
52P1450622Prototype development of endoscope drying cabinet with humidity and time controller11.63
53P1100285Chemical improvement of carbon black surface for screen printing ink production11.25
543000047(301061)DIY Spacer11.11
55P1750525A study of the effect of zinc oxide type on properties of tire tread compounds10.74
56P1650916Designing of burner refractory using finite element method10.58
573000047(301060)Positioner equipment for shoulder arthroscopy10.31
581000014Production of PM 2.5 protection and virus filter masks
59P1750817The development of the automatic system for recirculating aquaculture seabass farming
60P1751323Scale-up technology of ENZease production and formulation for one-step desizing and scouring process of cotton fabric
61P1751324The industrial scale production process prototype development of beta-glucan oligosaccharide by O Ophiocordyceps dipterigena BCC2073 and its efficacy test for immune enhance in human and animal.
62P1750972Project to enhance design and development of plastic injection mold for motorcycle parts
63P1450907Development of mobile CT for craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery (software)
64P1851657Development of the production network of the motorized attachment for manual wheelchair
65P1850084Technology management and innovation for the development of native
66P1750302Development of the production network of the custom-made shoe for the Elderly
67P1750987Project to enhance the capability of injection molding for industries
68P1750990Project to design and develoment of plastic injection mold for packaging and car accessories
69P1952255Nanotechnology for Sustainable Environment under TOYOTA GREEN TOWN PROJECT
70P1550507Design and development of plastic injection molds for water meter parts by means of CAE software
71P1450356Development of mini computed tomography (MiniCT) scanner for localize lesion and assessment of the margin width of resected specimen in the operating room (software)
72P1450792Study and development of screen printing process of natural dyes on cotton and silk fabrics by pigment printing method
73P1750989Project to design and development of plastic injection mold for household product parts (No. 58-73 total 30.36)