Dr. Julathep Kajornchaiyakul

Executive Director
National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC)

At present, business competition is escalated not only to win the market share, but also to disrupt a conventional market with the new business models that better suits the needs of consumers. Creative ideas and ability to access and utilize the information are the key factors to determine successful research and development topics. MTEC places an importance on generating, filing, analyzing, and utilizing information in order to set management direction and raise awareness of the society in order to gain accurate understanding of various aspects through the validity of scientific evidences.

MTEC’s operational pathways for R&D are categorized into 2 major groups. The first group carries out future-oriented research emphasizing on building up advanced basic knowledge capable of handling change efficiently, i.e., Exoskeletons and Metal Additive Manufacturing. The second group focuses on the current research aiming to utilize its outputs in the near future. The work of this latter group is accomplished through the accumulation of knowledge and technological capabilities from the first group.

When it comes to the designation of the research topics, the process requires a discussion among target groups and all stakeholders, as well as an analysis of environmental contexts. The purposes are to determine the research direction and research application before starting the project, as well as to seek strategic partners.

Noted examples of research outputs with successful utilization, and positive socio-economic impacts encompass ULA Latex for Para AC, development of FPA300 application in plastic industry, ashes furnace automatic cleaning system, etc. These work could not be successful without the coordinated effort of all stakeholders through determining research topics and goal, as well as research and development in products, processing, and characterization in order to deliver an appropriate technology to the end users. Further implementation of the research would also require an effective marketing strategy and business activities.

MTEC places great importance on the development of research topics with stakeholders through all the important dimensions ranging from processing, recycling to elimination and disposal with eco-friendly manner. The activity also includes strategic planning of the research utilization which will enhance the confidence and acknowledgement of research work, i.e., certification of new products in line with domestic and international standards, participation in the process of promoting the standards or the policies that benefits for the common good by using the supporting information from research and development on materials technology.