The National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC) was established on June 9, 2020 by the Thai Cabinet as a focal point for local and international research and development cooperation. ENTEC R&D works aim for practical use in industries and social participation. ENTEC is the fifth National Center under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI). The mission of ENTEC is to carry out activites that support governmental policies including Sustainable Development Goals 7 (SDG7), Alternative Energy Development Plan (AEDP2015), Strategic Plan to Move Thailand Forward with BCG Economy, and the 6th NSTDA Strategic Plan (2017-2021) using energy technology know-how as a foundation for research, development and innovation, and linking R&D works of MHESI, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry and related organizations.

Research, Development and Innovation

ENTEC focuses on conducting high-quality research and development and fostering innovation that is relevant to the needs of target users, achieving sustainable socio-economic impacts. Technology/Research S-curves have been developed as an assisting tool for research management, resource allocation, and work planning. In the first five years, ENTEC will place an emphasis on five areas of energy technology research and development: Renewable energy, Energy storage system, Conventional energy, System integration and energy management, and Energy efficiency.

Fiscal revenue and expenditure

ENTEC has 55 employees grouped by position as follows:

Academic outputs:

Outputs in business development and technology transfer

ENTEC encourages its research team and business development team to work closely with government and private sectors to ensure the utilization of research works in industry and the general public.
Through joint research, contracted research, consulting and standard testing service, ENTEC has
delivered 13 outputs to public and private sectors:

Outputs in developing material research personnel

ENTEC organized the following activities:

7 academic conferences

1 general training course with 21 participants

  1 science event
for children

 1 special training course with 670 participants

Income and socio-economic impact

Combined income of  40.3  million baht consist of:

Socio-economic impact

value of 10,096 million baht, equivalent to   115.4 times of its operational expense, can be categorized as follows:

Outputs in research networks and partnership

ENTEC collaborates with national and international research organizations to promote technological progress, know-how sharing, and exchange research personnel.

There are 7 signed MoUs with 6 institutions in 3 countries

published articles
on the ENTEC website 
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2  times exhibition  

4 faculties
corporate visit activities

 3.70 million baht
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